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Then came an independence day of South Sudan on last 9th July, 2011, as it had passed more than fifty years of civil wars between the South and the North which caused millions of people died. The 54th nation of Africa has an area of 619,745 sq km. This new nation consists of ten states in three regions and Juba is its capital. According to a cencus in 2009, this poor country has a population of about 11 to 13 million people. Most of them speak English and Arabian and some speak other dialects. English, however, was chosen  the official language. The song ‘God bless South Sudan’ was chosen the national anthem. The national slogan is ‘ Justice, Equality, Dignity’. Sudanese pound is used as the currency. The weathiest national resource is mineral oil ( occupies 85% of the whole former Sudan ). In spite of the weathy mineral oil, South Sudan is still a less developing nation and copes with difficuties because it had passed the two civil wars between the North and the South which happened in 1955 to 1972 and from 1983 to 2005 and many conflicts. There is also a latent conflict of border between the new and  the old Sudan. A gloomy future covers the newly-born nation likes any other newly-seperated ones in the world.

South Sudan

South Sudan





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The longest bridge in the world, Qingdao Haiwan, was inaugurated in San tung, China, on last 30th June, 2011. The bridge links between Qingdao and Huangdao, San Tung. Its length is 36.48 kilometers. There are eight lines of vehicles on its surface. The construction had been begun in May, 2007 and costed 1.3 billion USD. In the future, however, there will be another longest bridge which will be longer than this one. Its length will be fifty kilometers and had been begun to build in Hong Kong.

Qingdao Haiwan Bridge in China

China Vessels Encroached Vietnamese Territorial Sea

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There was considerable evidence that Chinese vessels encroached upon Vietnamse sea illegally.

At 5:58 a.m on last 26th May, 2011, three Chinese marine surveillance vessels coded 12, 17 and 84 trepassed on Vietnamese sea. The ship coded 84 rushed into the Vietnamese ship Binh Minh 2 and cut the exploration cables of Binh Minh 2. Then they retreated from the sea. The place happened the event was 120 nautical miles away from Dai Lanh Cape ( Phu Yen- Viet Nam), at 12º 48,25′ north and 111º26,48′ east, is entirely the sovereignty of Vietnam.

Then, at 6 a.m last 9th June, a Chinese fishing ship rushed into the ship Viking II of Vietnam. Flare of warning was let off. However, the Chinese ship coded 62226 ignored the flare and tried to cut the exploration cables of Viking II. After that, two Chinese fishery administration vessels coded 311 and 303 infringed on the sea, and so did many other fishing ships. Then all of them retreated from the sea. The place of this event is at 6º47,5′ north and 109º17,5′ east, which entirely belongs to Vietnamese sovereignty.

Chinese vessels intruded upon not only Vietnamese sea but also Philippine sea at the end of May.

Vietnamese army in Truong Sa

NATO and Its Target to Occupy Both Libya and Oil

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Nato’s force, leading by France, had staged air attacks aims to Libya. On Monday this week, it attacked the Libyan President’s private building in Tripoli capital. This action showed that the force was going to kill President Gaddafi, not save residents as declared. It was evident to them that they supported the rebellious group which was considered to be supported by al- Queada. Twenty- five million dollars were supplied to the group by the USA through weapons. Why did they do such a silly action ? Didn’t they know about the group ? In fact, they knew this clearly and much further about the future. Libya is one of the largest nation in Mediterranean sea and owns a large amount of oil. In case they occupy this nation, they will be able to control a large area of the sea as well as own the amount of oil. Libya will also be a stable base to control Iran, which was listed in a so-called evil-axis. Last but not least, the Western nations will be able to limit the interest of China here. China had surpassed Japan to become the 2nd strong nation in the world after the USA. And the USA doesn’t want China to be one of the strongest nation in the world or much more stronger later. In short, NATO now is a tool for the Western  to do their further tricks in the future, not only to against Libya. And Libya is just a step on the road of controlling the world from the Western.In Libya


In Libya, NATO caused war to occupy the nation and oil.

Fifty years before…

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Fifty years before, on April 12th, 1961, a Russian cosmonaut- Yuri Gagarin- became the first people who entered the outer space on the spacecraft Vostok 1. He flew a historic flight around the Earth lasting one hour and forty-eight minutes. And the day was considered as the day of International Universe.


The Moon on March 19th, 2011

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The moon came nearest to the earth on last March 19th. The distance between the moon and the earth was 356,577 kilometers on the day and was the nearest distance in eighteen years ago. The website Life’s Little Mysteries produced many citations about this natural phenomenon in the past. The phenomenon had occurred in 1955, 1974, 1992, 2005. Whenever the phenomenon happened, there were many weather changes severely. For instance, the great tidal wave in Indonesia happened in 2005. In the year 2011, there were many natural disasters happened from January to March such as floods in Australia, Brazil; earthquakes in New Zealand, China, Japan.

According to Richard Nolle, the admin of the web page, the phenomenon caused great storms, earthquakes, vocanic eruptions….

A Catastrophe in Japan

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A nine-richter magnitude earthquake happened in Sendai city, the capital city of Honshu island in Japan at 2:46 p.m (local time.) last March 11th. The epicentre which was at the place of 130 kilometers east of the city was 24 kilometers deep below the place.

Tsunami in Sendai

The incident lasted two minutes. After that, up to today, there were 125 aftershocks in which were 19 aftershocks from 6.3 to 7.1 richter. The  strength of the quake was so strong that even people living in Beijing, which is more than 2.400 kilometers, felt the shakes. The quake caused two huge tsunami of ten meters high and four meters high rushed to Sendai, the city of over one million dwellers, then it rushed as far as the western coast of America twelve later.

Estimates put the fatal total caused by the quake and the tsunami at about 3,000 people died. thousands of people were injured and hundreds of them were in a great need. More than eighty flames were found. Some important plants were also on fire such as Ichihara oil-refined plant in the north-east of Tokyo, Cosmo oil-refined plant in Chiba district, which is in the east of the capital… More seriously, five of eleven nuclear power plants were in danger. Among of them, Onagawa was on fire. At 2:00 p.m the following day, a part of Fukushima exploded. Dwellers around the plant had to move out of the large area of which diameter was twenty kilometers for fear that they could be affected by radio-active.

There were 50,000 Japanese soldiers were motivated immediately to save victims, especially during the first twenty hours. many rescure teams from countries and organizations were sent there to help them, too.

It is evident to the fact that this is the strongest earthquake in Japan during 140 years ago, and this is one of the five strongest one in human history.


Minami Sanriku, Miyagi (north Japan) after the earthquake and tsunami.


A tsunami enclosed an earthquake


The position of the earthquake happened on March 11,2011

Visiting pagodas

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Huong Son pagoda was built completely last year. The great status of Kwan Yin has just finished. This is the biggest status among those in the city. At the top of the sanctuary is a status of newly-born Buddist with his hand points up into the sky.


The status of Kwan Yin


Thien Hau pagoda has a two-storey temple lying opposite it completed. This is the most crowded pagoda. Stepping into the pagoda, tourists can elbow themselves into the crowd, their tears can flow down because of too much smoke raising from burning joss-sticks. Here, one can pray and draw a lot of fortune-telling tablet.

Clay pagoda ( Buu Son) is famous for all of the status were made from clay. It is a pagoda which has its back turn out. Tourists visiting it may come into the pagoda through its side-door. Rememeber that the pagoda is the only place where joss-sticks are sold outside by neighbors.

Lang Ca is being built uncompletely because of shortage of money. This is the most quiet pagoda.

Phuoc Nghiem is famous for the status of the Buddist lying. Nevertheless, some children came here to ask tourists for money.

The newly-built Tu Thuyen is a tall pagoda with a three-storey sanctuary. However, the roads which lead to the pagoda are too narrow and hard to find out. It is surrounded by neighbors’ houses. What we can see from the main street or Bong Sen market is its yellow top.

Returning Huong Son pagoda, tourists can have a vegetarian meal at Nhu Y foodstall at the gate of the pagoda. There are many pagodas to visit, I hope to do on another occassion.

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