After Bac Lieu, Soc Trang is the second province in Cuu Long River Delta which has friendly power-stations using wind energy. There are four  investors who are investigating the place to build such power-stations. Trasesco is going to invest two projects in Vinh Phuoc and Vinh Tan ( Vinh Chau ). Lien nghia joint-stock company  is about to build one in Tran De. Also in Vinh Chau, Cong Ly Limited company and Power Green Jiont-stock company are going to invest one in Lai Hoa and one in Ho Be respectively. The total power will be 300 MW.

It is estimated that electricity produced from using wind energy will be able to take up 12 % of the total electricity power in the world ( 1.2 million MW ) by the year 2020. Besides, there will be 10.7 million tons of carbon dioxide reduced. The environtment will be friendlier. It helps reduce the climate change and glasshouse effect. To do so, the world has to invest 100 billion US$ per year.