On preparing for the 2nd Vietnam Rice Festival, there are many constructions completed and inaugurated on November 6th, 2011. Here are some of them.

     The welcoming arch of Bats Pagoda is located at the former Spring market. It’s a structure of a mixed feature between Kh’merian and Vietnamese culture. The investment capital was 21 billion VND.

      Nguyet Giang ( the river of Moon) Bridge is a newly-built one to connect Le Duan street and Cao Thang street, which are on the two banks of Maspero canal. The total length of the whole bridge which is including the leading roads is 750 meters and its width is 26 meters. The main span of the bridge is 85 meters long and 14 meters wide. The total capital invested was 73 billion VND.

      The embarkement along two sides of Maspero canal was also completed on the day. The total length is 11 kilometers. It was being built during last six months

      Tonight, the opening celebration of the 2nd Vietnam Rice Festival will be held in Fresh Water Lake Cultural Center in Soc Trang city.

Rice Festival