Mark Duggan, a twenty-nine-year-old African Englishman, was shot by the police on last 4th August, 2011. He was suspected to be a crime. He was insisted that he was going to revenge his cousin who had died at an entry of a club last end of March. Therefore, the taxi which Duggan was in was stopped by the police. According to a witness, he was pulled out of the taxi, kept down, shot and he died then. The violence began on 6th August when a swarm of people gathering at Tottenham, a place of the poorest dwellers in London, asked for launching an inquiry about the incident of Duggan. An investigator was chosen to explain. Unexpectedly, the crowd threw bricks, bottles and inflamable into the police. A sixteen-year-old girl was beaten and fell down because of having thrown something toward the police.The crowd became disorder and came to blows with the police, some cars were on fire. Then on 7th August, the violence got more seriously in Enfield ( which is next to Tottenham, London). They banged the windows of many shops, restaurants and brought lots of things, some of them burnt cars, houses and then ran away. gradually, the violence spread out to other big cities such as Liverpool, Cambridge, Manchester…during the five days after. The reason of the violence in the U.K was that the poor was unemployed and their welfare was cut down sharply. Besides, it also derived from a violence culture and a great contradiction between the rich and the poor in social life, especially in big cities in the UK.


Violence in England

Violence in the UK