New Year 2013

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 New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

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For months I have had a problem with my blog. I haven’t been able to get access mine. Perhaps it’s the browswer or the antivirus software. I have always been imformed that there is a dangerous URL from the blog. Then I’ve been busy with my FCE exam- a Cambridge exam. I hope to see everyone on my blog again. Happily, I could access mine from last night.

The Greatest Statue of Amitabha in Viet Nam

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The Greatest Statue of Amitabha in Viet Nam was inaugurated early this month. The statue is forty-four meters high. It is located at Tong Lam Lo Son pagoda ( Vinh Phuong hamlet ), on a hill in the west of Nha Trang city.

Tong Lam Lo Son pagoda was built in 1954. Later, it was rebuilt in 2002. In 2009, the statue was begun to be built with the total capital of over twenty billion VND ( the concreted statue costed six billion VND ).

Besides the statue of Amitabha, there are also ideas to build the greatest statues of Sakyamuni, and Avalokitecvara. The statue of Sakyamuni will be 70-100 meters high and located at Do islet, which is in the south of the city ( Phuoc Dong village). The one of Avalokitecvara with its heihgt of 108 meters will be in Co Tien mountain, which is in the north of the city ( belongs to Vinh Hoa ward).


(Sources: tinmoi, VNExpress)


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After Bac Lieu, Soc Trang is the second province in Cuu Long River Delta which has friendly power-stations using wind energy. There are four  investors who are investigating the place to build such power-stations. Trasesco is going to invest two projects in Vinh Phuoc and Vinh Tan ( Vinh Chau ). Lien nghia joint-stock company  is about to build one in Tran De. Also in Vinh Chau, Cong Ly Limited company and Power Green Jiont-stock company are going to invest one in Lai Hoa and one in Ho Be respectively. The total power will be 300 MW.

It is estimated that electricity produced from using wind energy will be able to take up 12 % of the total electricity power in the world ( 1.2 million MW ) by the year 2020. Besides, there will be 10.7 million tons of carbon dioxide reduced. The environtment will be friendlier. It helps reduce the climate change and glasshouse effect. To do so, the world has to invest 100 billion US$ per year.


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SAMOA- a nation of islands in Pacific Ocean- became the first nation in the world to welcome new year.Its P.M., Sir Tuilaepa Sailele, Ma-lielegaoi, had decided to change its time-belt one day earlier. Therefore, Samoans had no the day of 30 on last December so that they could prepare for the first day of 2012. the purpose of this change is that they could be easier in transactions with eastern nations.

Independent State of Samoa is a small nation including of two islands with an earea of 2.8 sqkm. Its capital is Apia. The population in 2009 was 179,000 people. Samoans and English are used as official languages. Tala is the currency unit.Samoa was independent from New Zealand on 1 January, 1962.


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Vinh Chau became a town of Soc Trang Province. According to resolution 90/ND – CP, the town is including of four wards and six villages. On November 1st, 2011, the Resolution was announced through a meeting at the center of the new town. The Resolution 90/ ND-CP was signed on 25th August, 2011 by P.M. Vinh Chau is famous with purple onions and Ho Be tourism area.


Soc Trang on Preparing for The 2nd Rice Festival

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     On preparing for the 2nd Vietnam Rice Festival, there are many constructions completed and inaugurated on November 6th, 2011. Here are some of them.

     The welcoming arch of Bats Pagoda is located at the former Spring market. It’s a structure of a mixed feature between Kh’merian and Vietnamese culture. The investment capital was 21 billion VND.

      Nguyet Giang ( the river of Moon) Bridge is a newly-built one to connect Le Duan street and Cao Thang street, which are on the two banks of Maspero canal. The total length of the whole bridge which is including the leading roads is 750 meters and its width is 26 meters. The main span of the bridge is 85 meters long and 14 meters wide. The total capital invested was 73 billion VND.

      The embarkement along two sides of Maspero canal was also completed on the day. The total length is 11 kilometers. It was being built during last six months

      Tonight, the opening celebration of the 2nd Vietnam Rice Festival will be held in Fresh Water Lake Cultural Center in Soc Trang city.

Rice Festival

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